LAVA LUXE Limited Collection

Regular price ₱25,000.00

When we introduced the LAVA Masks, we grasped the feeling and clamor behind the said collection. Many people showed support and immediately purchased sets amounting to ₱1,200,  ₱1,500 to ₱2,000. We are overwhelmed with gratitude.

The said collection also featured a unique item we call LAVA LUXE. Encrusted with Swarovski and crystals, this is designed to be a collectible item rather than an offering to the retail market. This passion project stems from a deeper purpose - to help both artisans and the community. 100% of the proceeds from the limited LAVA LUXE masks were solely dedicated to these projects.

Mak Tumang Atelier aspires to be a beacon of hope as industries shuttered in the wake of the Coronavirus. We value fashion, and offhand, the art of couture is the jewels in our crown. But above all, our advocacy supersedes any pleasures. This is the heart of the Lava; the heart of our brand.

Let's continue to spread love and positivity.

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