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We turn over a new leaf as we give birth to a collection that symbolizes life amid the crisis. Sprouted from Mak Tumang Atelier and its undying love for details and grace, we are elated to introduce the VERDE masks. These masks show a clear image of Filipinos - hopeful, vibrant, and perpetually thriving in the middle of a cataclysm.

History has always told that the fall of one empire is the rise of another. Mak Tumang realizes this. Along with the catastrophic hit is the burgeon of a new way of life. It is still so small yet amusingly vibrant. Hence, the sprout of VERDE: a collection of couture, nature, and vigor.
VERDE is a manifestation of Filipino versatility. Of resilience as fiery as the lava and as bold as flora eager to rise from the mire. Filipinos were hit by ashes in January, pushed deeper into the mud in February, yet, still started to blossom with their newfound love for greenery, foliage, and verdure.